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Vision… to See Beyond Conflicts

NALAD- Team of Young Lawyers

The National Association for Legal Aid & Development (NALAD) is one of the leading Law Student’s lead committee by Lex Assisto in India with student participating from different colleges/ institutions/ universities all over India.

The main objective of NALAD is to create a platform for law students to learn and interact, engage them directly and indirectly through both theoretical and practical scenario related to the legal aid awareness and development which is been taken place in India. NALAD conducts events, seminars, workshops, surveys, public interaction and many other activities for practical awareness. Many colleges/ institutions/ organizations have been set up which are engaged in various legal aid/ awareness activities, some of these activities are highlighted in a different way through different mediums but some don’t come into the limelight.

In today’s society, student are given theoretical knowledge but they had never given a chance to witness the hardcore reality which is far pathetic then anyone can even think about.

A great initiative by Lex Assisto in making a group of law students to make the students experience reality across the books so that even they can find out a solution for the development of those who need help and care rather than bare awaren

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Several Problems but ONE Solution- NALAD: STAY CONNECTED!

Vision… to See Beyond Conflicts

What We Do?

The National Association For Legal Aid & Development is to promote legal education and research. In pursuance of the same the NALAD offers different legal and paralegal services by the faculty, advocates and students. It not only provides a center for practical professional training for students of law, but more importantly, provides free legal services and the continuous research is been done for the development of the means to provide effective and efficient service to the people who are in economically backward sections of the society who have difficulty accessing the judicial system. 

NALAD has a separate working style of spreading legal awareness and providing free legal assistance to those who cannot afford it. 

National Association for Legal Aid & Development has been intensely involved in pro-bono and working for efficient, effective research orientated development which is required for better impact, and has been increasingly taking part in and helping to coordinate several projects in collaboration with other organizations. 

The committee is focused to associate with different law students in pan India to work upon some of the major grey areas of our society which are yet not focused and still it is making a wide impact on the people of our country. Whether it’s related to education, harassment, child sexual abuse, rights of the people or getting representations in court. 

Our committee is focused to work upon the basics as well as to the practical scenario of law, which is yet far behind topic for the law schools. By organizing awareness cum training program for the young law students who will not only be able to advice or guide but even able to take a stand for you when there is a need in the society.

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